Disclaimer = these people don’t have real problems……they have real mental problems.

Email # 1:

While we are at this…. could you guys (K*#$&) stop sending everything as an attachment? A simple mail will do, really – it saves everyone time.  As Wayne said – a permanent barrier would be really bad.

And I don’t particularly think the “through traffic” is a problem at all. If the speed at which they cross is the issue then the bumps should do it.



Email # 2:

On two occasions I have been nearly run over by people speeding through the parking lot from Old Jollyville to get onto 183.  One incident occurred at lunch and the second occurred around 5pm.  The lunch time incident was by a woman so obsessed with getting through the parking lot that she actually grazed me with her car and never stopped or even slowed down.  If you would like to see this yourself, I suggest you look at the parking lot from about 4:55 to 5:15pm and count the number of cars.

 Yeah… I would say there is a problem.

 –D. Ferguson


Email # 3:

I’m not thrilled about the proposed solutions either.  My car sits low to the ground and I don’t want to drag the bottom every time I come into the parking lot. I think something along the lines of a surveillance camera that at least gets the license plate of the car that runs over you would be worthwhile.


Email # 4:

Please take me off this list.  I do not work in your building.

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