i’m not sure what’s worse, when my neighbors have disturbingly loud sex or when they have disturbingly loud fights. usually it’s the former, but this is pretty much all i heard this weekend:

her: i’m not a biiiiiitch!
him: you’re being one now. *stomp, stomp, stomp*
her: but why did you….???? waah wahhhh wahhhh
him: okay, okay, i understand. it’s okay, but just shut the fuck up about it.
her: why are you being so meaannnn to meeee????
him: shut up and listen to me!

granted, she is a whiny, crazy brat; but this guy seems like a real asshole. no one deserves that. these people have serious issues. i have a feeling boots aren’t the only things being knocked around there. although i try to avoid making any eye contact with them around the building (too weird since i’m an unwitting third party to this drama), i may need to call interference on these kidZ pretty soon.

please. don’t let this happen to you.