my fellow danglezzer just texted me a photo of the the latest ridiculous issue of cosmopolitan

a few points:

1. anyone find the image of a teenager who is banging some other underaged teenager on the cover of a magazine with a headline about 50 sex tips the least bit disturbing? here’s a tip: as long as they’re getting it, men don’t really care.

2. the 3 things he doesn’t have to know: “i know justin bieber is gay, i’m banging aston kutcher, that mole on my boob is fake”

3. your orgasm guaranteed = do it yourself

4. flatten your belly = get off your ass and do something productive instead of reading this stupid magazine

5. how to own any room you walk into = wear a stupid hat

6. why guys love it when you bite your lip = it keeps your mouth shut

7. the butt facial = dirty sanchez (sex tip #49)

8. all the writers here are gay men (just like sex and the city)

also spotted this on my colleague’s desk, last month’s glamour

just offended by the screaming of MEN, MEN, MEN! on the cover. that’s all.