at first my mind could not comprehend,
but then,
my heart filled with joy, hitting me like a wave crashing onto a sandy shore.

how could i not see, the wonderment, the fulfillment of t & e?
my life was but an empty, soulless shell venturing like a turtle without a….shell.
now i know what was missing in thine.

T&E European Federation for Transport and Environment
T&E Travel & Entertainment
T&E Time and Effort
T&E Training and Education
T&E Trial and Error
T&E Tim and Eric (website)
T&E Trusts and Estates (legal)
T&E Threatened & Endangered
T&E Time and Expense
T&E Travel and Expenses
T&E Training and Evaluation
T&E Technical and Engineering
T&E Tigris & Euphrates (board games)
T&E Technology and Enterprise (academia)
T&E Trade and Exchange
T&E Threat Evaluation
T&E Twin & Earth (type of electric cable)
T&E Transporter Erector
T&E Tired and Emotional (British)
T&E Transport and Export (shipping)
T&E Train & Evaluation
T&E Telephone and Equipment (Financial P&L Report)
T&E Testing & Evaluation
T&E Transversing and Elevating mechanism (machine gun)