I found these actual listings while I was job hunting online:

1. Riverbat Mascot = $12.00/hr, NO BENEFITS

2. Psychologist III – Asian American Specialist

3. Gardener – must pass a strength and agility test (like the olympics)

4. Police Officer – University Police

5. Mad Scientist (ok i made this one up)

6. Bilingual Channel Supply Demand Manager = Position requires candidate to Speak, Read and Write Portuguese fluently. Spanish is a plus. (so basically you need to be trilingual)

7. Data Mining Scientist (WTF??)

8. Male Voiceover = This is for a local 30 second TX political campaign commercial. The candidate is a republican.

9. Nude Art Model 4 Charcoal Class

10. Help Illustrate My Haunted House Ideas

**Note to self: I should have gone to med school like my parents told me. doh!