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we just read our 2012 wordpress review. here is our audience: people who like sex, and people who like trannies.

keep up the great jobZ!


I have a boss who likes to:
(a)  Misdial people’s numbers and blames you for giving him incorrect numbers.

(b)  Only reads half of the spreadsheet you provided him and registers himself for the wrong courses and blames you.

(c)  Tells you that you shouldn’t have emailed him asking for his advice, but doesn’t want you to make any decisions.

(d)  Tells you that they don’t have time to train you, that you are just supposed “to know.”

(e)   Calls you at home around 10pm because he just didn’t have time to micromanage your project during normal business hours.

(f)  Suspends you for posting a nasty email written by him on facebook that didn’t say the name of the company and used generic first names.

(i)  Says comments like “You aren’t into older men, are you??”

(j)  Blames you for not reserving a hotel for him when he didn’t tell you he needed one.

(k)  Makes you drive across the city to unlock a door that has already been unlocked (by him).

(l)  All of the above.

whoa! who knew celine dion was into plushies and furries, too? canada’s – and now america’s – sweetheart.

it’s happened. i’ve become one of those “old” people who refuses to buy into, much less pay attention to, anything going on in current pop culture. in my world, kids are still playing pokemon, watching power rangers and people with bad taste in music are still listening to maroon 5 and jason mraz – oops, that’s still true. unfortunately, i haven’t been able to completely avoid all recent pop phenomena; i live in the world, after all, and work for something of a culture think tank. one thing i can somewhat control, however, is exactly how much i have to know. here is what i’ve deduced all this shit means…from the point of view of, well, common sense.

hunger games – what all the top models play. (i win!)

angry birds – 1. new york pigeons.  2. delicious fruit snacks.

skrillex – 1. the next generation of the george foreman grill that gives you crispy diner-style eggs and bacon.  2. my next birthday gift.

words with friends – 1. what me and my fellow danglezzers play (i.e. completing each other’s sentences, jinxies, hybrid words, nonsensickles, spoonerisms, forkisms, adding a ‘z’ to everything).  2. the heated confrontation when your bf cheats on you with your bff.

karmin – ethical toilet paper.

instagram – 1. teddy grahams delivery service.  2. a retro-modern telegraph sold by urban outfitters.

pinterest – 1. fans of harold pinter.  2. british slang for, “would you like a spot of beer?”.

lana del rey –

get off my fuckin lawn!

my main takeaways from fashion week (paris and milan) are that i need to be going to more raves, doing more drugs and openly flaunting my derelicte lifestyle.

wait a second, anonymous, imma need to see that close up.

“i call this ku klux kactus.”

okay, we may make fun of a lot of fashion, but meanwhile, this is what we’re wearing. as they say, “it takes one to know one.”

and this is what we drink our wine out of –


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