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1. only kind of doctor i want to marry is a spin doctor.


2. missed connections :
where?= bel air
who? = a fresh prince


3. what do you get when you put 4 brunettes together in a room?
answer = 4 non blondes.


4. “hold me closer tony danza.”


5. smells like teen spirit, the deodorant.


6. if i have triplets, i’ll name them tony, toni, tone.



remember this show?  ben vereen is great!  i know my fellow anonymous was scared of this as a kid, but i loved it!  i guess furries aren’t for everyone…..

oh yes american, i was watching this reality show with you on those long, lonely nights….

i will always love you, boyz II men.

Highlander ‘do, piercing eyes.  will you trade one of these high school graduation pics for one of mine?


………           ……….    .

but seriously, no jokes about 3T ok?  they were my obsession when i was growing up—they are super sexy

(i’m allowed to say this now because they are all adults right??)  wait a minute, what happened to the guy who used to wear the eye patch?  look at him above!  fame must have healed him!

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