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a cross between tom cruise:


and robin williams:


= tombin cruisiams


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I have a boss who likes to:
(a)  Misdial people’s numbers and blames you for giving him incorrect numbers.

(b)  Only reads half of the spreadsheet you provided him and registers himself for the wrong courses and blames you.

(c)  Tells you that you shouldn’t have emailed him asking for his advice, but doesn’t want you to make any decisions.

(d)  Tells you that they don’t have time to train you, that you are just supposed “to know.”

(e)   Calls you at home around 10pm because he just didn’t have time to micromanage your project during normal business hours.

(f)  Suspends you for posting a nasty email written by him on facebook that didn’t say the name of the company and used generic first names.

(i)  Says comments like “You aren’t into older men, are you??”

(j)  Blames you for not reserving a hotel for him when he didn’t tell you he needed one.

(k)  Makes you drive across the city to unlock a door that has already been unlocked (by him).

(l)  All of the above.

hand down, best tom cruise movie role, EVER.

also, best hair style for menZ (or womenZ).  it matches the leather vest quite well.


10.  when the dirty truck/van drivers slow down their vehicle from 60 mph to 5 mph just so they can stare at you (in a Mona Lisa-esk way) as you walk past them.

9.  standing really close to you and whispering the word “sexy” as if they were undressing you with their words.

8.  “heeeey, you Koreaaan?  i’ve never been with a Koreeaaan gurl before….” (yes, i guess that’s all you need to say to someone to win them over….)

7.   “america’s next top model—-Tokyo.”

6.  “your legs are looking good this morning.” (and yes, a catcall on the way to work…. 8am)

5.  when an old man from Chinatown sticks his tongue in and out of his 2 fingers at you on the subway.  (myyyy god…)

4.  whistling, hollering, making cricket chirping noises, etc.

3. someone giving me a catcall in the dead of winter while i was wearing a huge unisex Paddington bear coat (do they just assume ANYONE is female…..and attractive?)

2.  when they try to run you over with their car while you are jogging outside.

(annnnnnndd………drum roll please……….)

1.  “i’m gunna cum in yo mouuuuth.”

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