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1. Steal supplies from work:


2. Find a judge officiant who is also a DJ:


4. Tell guests there will be no alcohol due to the number of recovering alcoholics in the family:

83385944 Unhappy man with a glass of wine


tony robbins

tony robbins

power unleashed.

tony robbinz

what it feels like when listening to this “Hallo” netherlands radio station! YIPPY!!

(-2 pts) i’m somewhere between 30 and death.

(-3 pts) i’m somewhere between black and white.

(-10 pts and your cat) i’m somewhere between a virgin and a harlot.

(-1000 pts) i’m somewhere between your FACE and your MOM.

PS. call me

Dear Dr. Anonymous,

My boss just said that he wants to see me at my full potential. Is this his way of asking me for a bj?

Eagerly awaiting for your response,


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