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biggest mistake:

being curious and bored enough to click on this subject heading: 

“Emotional Sean Lowe breaks down in tear- jerking twist of a Bachelor finale”


biggest success:

OMG Prince and Justin Timberlake will be in town for SXSW?!:

JustinTimberlake-315x309 thCA5OLZI0





tony robbins

tony robbins

power unleashed.

tony robbinz






  nope, not neon enough…….


  this was the typical 90s swimsuit pose.  someone give her a hair tie so she doesn’t have to hold it back.

  what was this guy’s name?  the one in the middle wearing the beer gut?

ok so this guy in the last pic isn’t from the show (in case you were wondering).  but i think he does a good job summarizing

what it’s all about (aka FUN).

happy monday to all

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