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When I touch you like this:

And I hold you like that:

It’s so hard to believe but
It’s all coming back to me:

(It’s all coming back, it’s all coming back to me now):

  nope, not neon enough…….


  this was the typical 90s swimsuit pose.  someone give her a hair tie so she doesn’t have to hold it back.

  what was this guy’s name?  the one in the middle wearing the beer gut?

ok so this guy in the last pic isn’t from the show (in case you were wondering).  but i think he does a good job summarizing

what it’s all about (aka FUN).

remember this show?  ben vereen is great!  i know my fellow anonymous was scared of this as a kid, but i loved it!  i guess furries aren’t for everyone…..

oh yes american, i was watching this reality show with you on those long, lonely nights….

i will always love you, boyz II men.

Highlander ‘do, piercing eyes.  will you trade one of these high school graduation pics for one of mine?


………           ……….    .

but seriously, no jokes about 3T ok?  they were my obsession when i was growing up—they are super sexy

(i’m allowed to say this now because they are all adults right??)  wait a minute, what happened to the guy who used to wear the eye patch?  look at him above!  fame must have healed him!

1. google imaged PM Dawn

2. posted obscene, yet clever blogs

3. made coffee

4. copied and pasted link to Pootie Tang trailer into my gchat window

5. posted new James Franco film description on facebook

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