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a cross between tom cruise:


and robin williams:


= tombin cruisiams


let’s take a vote – which celebrity is worst?

hand down, best tom cruise movie role, EVER.

also, best hair style for menZ (or womenZ).Ā  it matches the leather vest quite well.


crispin cruise donutZĀ®

Why can’t people take compliments. When someone says nice things. say thank you. don’t justify or explain why you dont understand why its a compliment or say… “oh… this old thing?”

are you trying to be humble? bc you’re not.
do you not like compliments? bc you do.
are you judging me for not being you?you probably are.

you, stop deflecting… unless it brings you closer to dreamy mccruise. then i kind of understand.



I realize this is a tabloid, but the writing in this article is almost as ridiculous as the subject matter. Can the author guest blog for us, please? Or better yet, can the Daily Mail hire us? Inanity and bad writing are our trademarks.


– The headline: Is that normal in Norfolk? Self-styled Norwich Ninja takes to the snow to meditate in just a pair of pants.

– The bullet points:

  • Ninja claims stalking skills are so refined he can creep up and touch a deer – although he used to do the same to foxes but stopped when one bit him
  • Marin Faulks hides out in Norfolk woodland at 6am to practice his meditation
  • He uses power of the mind to keep himself warm in freezing temperatures

– The 34-year-old, who claims to be as ‘silent as a jaguar’, can pick locks and walk through fire after years of training.

– In 2009, Martin put his ninja skills into practice when he single-handedly fended off a gang of would-be muggers in London.

I could probably copy every sentence from this article on here. Instead I’ll just leave you with this inspiring image –

“the art of stealth”


science friday answers this question today.


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